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Tipping fees are funds collected by the City of Greater Sudbury to operate the landfill sites and are billed by the metric tonne. All vehicles are required to stop at the weigh scale when entering and again when exiting a Greater Sudbury landfill sites.

Tipping fees are billed out by the city at $103.00 per metric tonne. So for every metric tonne, or 1,000kg or 2200lbs, it will cost you about $103.00. That’s about $0.09 per kg or $0.05 per pound. This is an increase from $79.00 in 2020, and $81 in 2021, $100 in 2023 and $103 in 2024.

A metric tonne is equivalent to approximately 2200 pounds or 1000kg.

Kinda! Most customers place, on average, 1 to 1.7 tonnes of waste in their bin rental. That’s then typically about $103-160 +/-. The tipping fees are charged at face value, so in other words, whatever the city charges on the scales is what you pay.

Unfortunately, it is never “free week” for “haulers”, or anyone that shows up at the landfill sites with a commercial vehicle. We are charged full value.

Short answer is NO because we are deemed “waste haulers”. According to the city’s website, the weekly allowances only apply if the waste is “delivered by the owner in a private motor vehicle who resides in the residential dwelling”.
According to the city’s website, “Tracking of exemptions will be based on vehicle licence plates and any other technique determined to be necessary to track and identify the source of the waste”.

It used to be. But the city has changed that policy. “Clean” wood is charged out a lesser rate then regular garbage. For 2024, it is $52 per tonne. All brush loads are still free. A load mixed with wood and brush is considered regular garbage and billed out at full tipping fee rates of $103/ton. Here is a link for all city tipping fees:

We utilize a delivery and pick up method that allows for precise placement of the bin on your property that virtually ensures no damage. Essentially the bin rests upon custom lumber and does not make contact with your driveway. Of course there is always an exception to that rule given the condition of your driveway!

Yes…but…you will have to sign a waiver. We really really really prefer NOT to deliver on grass or lawns due to the inconsistency of soil solidity. Even if you say your lawn is dead or non existent, a waiver is required because some minor damage will occur on a lawn 99% of the time! If you’re a contractor, make sure you inquire of where septic tanks and field beds are located.

Aahhh the impatience of fellow humans… We always allow a one hour window for your scheduled delivery. EXAMPLE: if we booked you for 10AM, that means the bin “should” arrive between 10-11AM. Before you call in frustrated at 10:01, please be aware of delays that may occur that are usually out of our control. Such delays can include heavy traffic, accidents, construction detours or blockades and the most likely one is landfill site line ups, especially during “free week”. Calling and screaming or leaving nasty voicemails will not get the bin there any faster. Please exercise patience. Thanks. 🙂

No. You pay for the bin rental plus your tipping fees and travel fees if applicable. We have no hidden surcharges.
We encourage you to shop around locally and be sure to ask the following questions:
Is there a fuel surcharge? (Oh, and try to get an exact amount from them. And if they say it’s a percentage, ask “a percentage of what exactly?”)
Is there a pick up or delivery charge?
What exactly are environmental fees? (If you get an answer please let us know.)

For donation or gifts, we can accept Visa & MasterCard as well as E-Transfers, and through our new Online Booking system, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX through a third party.  And yes, you can still also use FIAT Canadian currency. You can also barter value with scrap Aluminum or Copper. We also accept silver and gold.

Yes, donation deposits are appreciated. They can be given in the form of cash, e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard, gold or silver.

Recommended donation deposits are $500 in either cash, e-transfer or by pre-authorizing your Visa or MasterCard for $500. Pre-payments can also be arranged.

You can provide a credit card number on the phone and we will pre-authorize for the determined amount. You can also provide your deposit in cash to the driver.

When we pre-authorize your credit card, we submit a request to your credit card company for an amount as determined, and then that amount is secured by us. So, if you have a available credit limit of let’s say $5,000, and we pre-authorize your card for $500, you will then only have access the remainder $4,500.

Yes. But the credit card still needs to be pre-authorized. Once the cash is received, the pre-authorization on your card will be released.

No. Only the final billed amount will appear on your credit card statement.

On the phone: We will require your delivery address, billing address if different from delivery address, name and phone number(s). If paying by credit card, we will need the name on the card, the 16 digit card number, the expiry date and the CVV number on the back (the 3 numbers in the small rectangle located on the back of the credit card). If you prefer to have the final invoice emailed to you, you can provide that as well. Please note that we do not retain any of your personal information nor do we place or sell your email address to anyone.

Online: Through the Online Booking system, you will need handy your Visa, MasterCard or AMEX and the postal code of the delivery address of the bin.

The short answer is no. If you desire a yes answer, you will need to obtain a road occupancy permit, which you can apply for at city hall.

Contact member services at (705) 222-BINS (2467). Tell us the type of garbage you have, the scope of your project, how much there is, and we will help you select a size. Please keep in mind that disposal bins cannot be overloaded for safety reasons. This can result in additional  fines or fees or both you and our company.

Clean fill consists of material such as concrete, interlock, brick and block, dirt, grass, or any combination of these. A clean fill bin cannot contain any other sort of material, or regular city mandated tipping fees will apply. Asphalt is not categorized as clean fill and requires its own disposal methods. Call us to discuss asphalt specifics.

Ideally, 2-3 days to ensure availibilty. Sometimes we can accomodate quicker. Sometimes…

Call us or text member services at (705) 222-BINS (2467) to let us know when you are done with the bin, and we will schedule a driver to come pick it up.Ideally, call or text between 8-4, Monday to Friday. You can leave a voicemail after business hours and on weekends. After hours texts will be responded to on the next business day.

While we do our best to inquire with you on the phone the scope of your project, sometimes the project takes on a life of its own. Should you require an Empty/Return of your bin, there is NOT a second Bin Rental Fee, but there is and Empty/Return Fee +  the Tipping Fees. The Rental and Empty/Return Fees can be found on the Sizes/Pricing Page.

Because they make us  smile. And if they made you smile, then great!

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