Terms of Services

Welcome to Sudbury Bins PMA (Private Membership Association), operating in earth, in the private domain, sector or realm, under natural law with a like-minded, self-determined and self-governed man or woman, who wishes to build upon a community that aligns with the principles, vision and values, and support the Mission as set out by the founding trustees and outlined in the Member Agreement, the PMA Constitution, the PMA Articles of Association and above all else as written in the 1611 KJV bible. See Genesis 1:26.  Sudbury Bins PMA utilizes the 1611 KJV bible as the instructional contract manual it is, and not for “religious” purposes.

NOTICE: If you are acting in any role as a representative of, or in the employment of any local, provincial or territorial, or federal investigative, enforcement or government agency, looking to disrupt, report, infiltrate Sudbury Bins PMA as an agent of the public domain anywhere on the land mass know as “Canada” or any abroad “commonwealth countries”, you are not permitted to continue beyond this point. You MUST close this window immediately, return to your public jurisdiction and creepeth elsewhere. Any further incursion shall make you both, that is you the person AND you the man/woman you are, liable per the penalty terms of all Sudbury Bins PMA foundational documents. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Govern yourself accordingly.

If you act as any of the above mentioned persons employed in the public domain, sector or realm, it does not preclude you from becoming a member of Sudbury Bins PMA. However, in order to join you must revoke the public person you act as, and voluntarily join as a man or woman. There is no exception to this rule, which is governned by the Member Agreement, the PMA Constitution, the PMA Articles of Association, and these privileges and benefits extends to all members and those under their care. Inspired by 1611 KJV bible Job 32:21 & 32:22.

By consenting to enter the Sudbury Bins PMA website, I now transmute to a sovereign man or woman with un-alienable rights as provided to me by the Creator, and I innerstand that I am granted access to this site as a time limited trial member”, OR I am a returning member in good standing. (Inspired by 1611 KJV bible Genesis 1:27.)

If I choose to enter into a private contract with Sudbury Bins PMA, I will then enter into a full membership agreement which will be ready to be read, completed and autographed by me at a mutually convenient pre-arranged time and/or location with a Sudbury Bins PMA designee. At the discretion of Sudbury Bins PMA, a digital autograph may be utilized to temporarily bind the parties.

Membership and benefits are good until the end of earth, and privacy is assured, as are the Rights and Freedoms of the PMA, so long as I remain a member in good standing by honoring the values of fellowship, integrity and community

My privacy is still assured per the original covenant, as are any NonDisclosure Agreement (NDA) or confidentiality clauses, if I choose to voluntarily end my membership, or my membership is terminated by the Association Founders or their designate, because I am out of honor/honour per the code of conduct, or I am causing harm and fail to provide remedy for this harm.

I enter into the Sudbury Bins PMA website of my own free will without any pressure or coercion. I affirm that I do not represent any Local, Provincial/Territorial or Federal agency whose purpose is to regulate and approve products or services in the public domain, or to carry out any mission of enforcement, entrapment, or investigation. I have read and comprehend these terms of service to my satisfaction. I innerstand that I can withdraw from this PMA and terminate my membership in the Association at any time, and that my membership can be revoked if I engage in abusive, dishonest, violent, menacing, destructive, harassing, or nuisance behavior towards any member of the Association. By accepting these terms of service, I have sought sufficient education to determine that this is the course of action I want to take for myself. By entering into this PMA website, I am giving informed consent to be a time limited trial member, OR I am already a member in good standing.

Sudbury Bins PMA reserves the rights to make language amendments or corrections, from time to time, to the terms of service as required to maintain or improve upon the foundational values of the founders, and/or to improve member services.

Welcome returning and new potential members. See you inside.